Baby Skin Care Code

Baby Skin Care Code

Newborn baby’s skin is soft and smooth, but its ability to resist the invasion of external pathogens is poor, and it is easy to break if it is improperly protected.

Starch and sesame oil are cheap and safe, and young parents may wish to try it.

  Soothing skin: using starch to replace talcum powder in spring is a season of high incidence of skin diseases. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring is considered the main wind, and wind is a climatic feature of spring.

TCM’s understanding of wind is that wind is positive, so it is easy to absorb the sun, and the skin is on the surface of the body, which is vulnerable to wind.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wind is the first of all diseases. Spring comes from winter, and winter is relatively dry. Therefore, just after entering spring, it has not yet entered the rainy season. Wind and the so-called dryness are combined to cause more damage to the skin.

  After bathing the baby, the mother loves to apply some talcum powder to the baby, which can be used to dry and smooth the skin.

However, relevant experts point out that if talcum powder is used improperly for a long time, it will easily cause health damage to infants and young children.

  Relevant information shows that the main ingredient of talcum powder is talcum powder.

When talcum powder is sprayed, if infants and young children ingest a small amount of powder, they can be eliminated by the tracheal self-defense agency.

However, if it is used for a long time, if it is absorbed too much, the secretion of talcum powder overlapping the surface of the trachea will be dried, which will destroy the function of tracheal cilia. In severe cases, it can cause tracheal rupture.

Once “talcum powder syndrome” occurs, there is currently no effective treatment in China.

  As far as baby girls are concerned, it is best not to puff the talcum powder on the thighs, vulva, lower abdomen, etc.

According to surveys, long-term use of talcum powder in women increases the risk of ovarian cancer3.

88 times.

Although talcum powder cannot be completely produced at present, it will definitely cause the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but for the sake of caution, mothers should avoid using talcum powder to spray the lower body of baby girls, even adult women are better not to use talcum powder to lower the body.

  For babies, use regular cereal starch from the kitchen.

Cheap and safe without entropy.

For example, corn starch is smooth and smooth, so there is no problem if it is inhaled by the baby.

Empty talcum powder is available on the market. Puff is included. Young parents can use starch in the powder.

  Prevent diaper rash: use sesame oil instead of ointment. Chinese medicine teaches spring growth. This season, animals and plants have become active. Pollen that is susceptible to allergies or hair during animal growth, dandruff or corpses can also be changed by the wind., Bring these pathological things to the skin.

So skin problems are prone to occur in spring.

  Almost every baby has been harassed to varying degrees by nasty diaper rashes, which causes headaches for parents.

Every parent has their own set of diagnosis and treatment methods: apply skin ointment, apply powder, and even apply eye ointment . In fact, there is a simpler, practical and safe method-sesame oil.

Parents may wish to give it a try.

  The sesame oil mentioned here does not mean that it can be used directly from the supermarket, but requires a heating and sterilization process.

The specific method is: wash the oil pan, dry the water, add 10-20 ml of sesame oil, turn off the heat after it heats up, let it cool, and put it in a clean bottle for use.

To ensure its effectiveness, once the sesame oil is retained for more than 1 week, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

  If your baby ‘s butt is particularly fond of diaper rash, you may wish to use a cotton ball dipped in a little sesame oil on the front after changing the diaper rash.

However, it should be noted that if the baby’s chest has ulcerated, you can no longer use sesame oil, you should consult a pediatric health doctor.

  In addition to preventing diaper rash, sesame oil has other uses.

For example, some babies are particularly susceptible to getting angry in the spring, and their mouths are cracked.

You can use a cotton swab dipped in some sesame oil and apply it on the lips and mouth corners. If it is not cracked, prevent it from cracking, and it can also speed up healing.

If your baby has nasal congestion, you can also use cotton swabs to dip a little more sesame oil into the nostrils.

After a while, the “junk” in your baby’s nose will slip out automatically or sneeze out.