[Often drinking rock candy and hawthorn water has such a function]

[Often drinking rock candy and hawthorn water has such a function]

Hawthorn is a kind of fruit that we often eat. It tastes sour and sweet, and has a good effect on promoting digestion. At the same time, hawthorn is also a traditional Chinese medicine that has a good effect in preventing indigestion. In addition, hawthornThe nutrients in it also have the effect of lowering blood lipids, softening blood vessels, and have certain effects of promoting blood circulation and preventing stasis, and for women, eat some properly, and also prevent dysmenorrhea.

1, there are benefits to promote digestion, digestion and stagnation The most significant benefit of drinking hawthorn water is to strengthen the spleen and appetite, digestion and stagnation, and promote digestion, especially to promote digestion of meat.

If the human body absorbs too much meat during meals and causes satiety, drinking a cup of hawthorn water after a meal can effectively promote the digestion of meat and relieve the feeling of satiety.

2. It has the benefits of lowering blood lipids and softening blood vessels. The main component of hawthorn is flavonoids, which have obvious pharmacological effects on the cardiovascular system.

Drinking hawthorn water can lower triglycerides and serum cholesterol in the body and soften blood vessels.

But drinking enough hawthorn water to lower blood fat requires long-term persistence before it can exert its effect.

3, there are benefits of promoting blood circulation and stasis, alleviating dysmenorrhea Hawthorn water also has a certain effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, especially for women’s menstrual irregularities that are prone to occur during menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other problems.

Therefore, if women have problems with lower abdominal pain during menstruation, they can start drinking hawthorn water a few days before menstruation, and drink them until 2-3 days after menstruation, which can better relieve pain.

4, there are cancer prevention benefits Hawthorn contains vitexin, vitexin can be better inserted into the body’s nitrosamine synthesis, and has a certain supplementary effect on cancer.

Therefore, drinking hawthorn water regularly can play a certain role in preventing cancer.