Beach sports cellulite

Beach sports cellulite

Beach activities are generally inseparable from barbecues and swimming.

In fact, taking full advantage of the beach environment, the activities that can be carried out are even more minor. These sports also help to burn calories, which is indeed a good news for ladies.

As long as you do enough sun protection measures, walking to the beach in the summer, absorbing the vitamin D produced by the sun, would have been good for 厦门夜网 the body.

However, the barbecue of one of the beach “designated” activities is not very healthy.

The food at the barbecue is inseparable from sausages, chicken wings and other meats, all of which contain extremely high calories.

When the food is grilled, the health value will be reduced.

  How can I make beach activities healthier?

The secret is to do more types of sports.

In addition to swimming, beach volleyball, jogging in the water, and sanding are also good choices.

  The first introduction is the jogging in the water.

Its massage can eliminate fatigue and make your legs slim.

When running in the water, the limbs alternate as before and after running on the land. Because the distortion in the water is much larger than the air, just jogging for 45 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 2 hours on land, which 杭州桑拿网 can consume up to 980 calories.

  Another sport is beach volleyball.

On foreign beaches, popular sports are the first to push beach volleyball; in Hong Kong, only the beaches such as Discovery Bay have these facilities.

This kind of sport, which is different from the traditional form of volleyball, first appeared in California in the United States. It was originally designed for the play of family members. In 1996, it was upgraded to the Olympics.

This kind of sports is also suitable for men and women, as long as you play 1 hour of beach volleyball with friends, you can consume 180 calories.

  Perhaps you can’t think of it, sand can also consume too many calories in the human body.

Whether it’s a pile of castles, or a dig of a deep pit, as long as you keep digging and stacking for an hour, you can consume up to 148 calories.

  The above three activities are both moving and static.

Going to the beach, even if you don’t know how to swim, you don’t have a fitness program.