Posts that silence girls

Posts that silence girls

Boys and girls are a pair of sweethearts.

  One day, boys and girls went shopping while holding hands.

As she passed the door of a jewellery store, the girl saw the heart-shaped gold necklace in a glass cabinet at a glance.

  The girl thought to myself: My neck is so white, it must look good with this necklace.

  The boy saw the reluctant gaze in the girl’s eyes, he touched his wallet, flushed, and pulled the girl away.

  Every month, the girl’s 20th birthday arrives.

  At the girl’s birthday party, the boy drank a lot of wine before dare to take out the birthday gift for the girl, which is the heart-shaped gold necklace that the girl likes.

  The girl happily kissed the boy’s face in public.

  After a while, the boy blushed and rubbed his hands. He should say, “However, this necklace is . copper .” The boy’s voice was very low, but all the guests in the living room heard it.

  The girl’s face flushed red, and she kneaded the necklace that she was about to wear on her fair and beautiful neck and put it casually in the pocket of jeans.

  ”Come and drink!

The girl said loudly, until the end of the party, the girl never looked at the boy again.

  Soon after, a man broke into the girl’s life.

The man said that he had nothing but money.

  When he wore glittering gold jewelry on the girl, he also captured the girl’s vanity.

  They soon rented a house outside to live together.

Men and girls are so happy that they secretly rejoice in their choice between boys and men.

  For girls, it was really a happy day.

  But the good times didn’t last long. When the girl found out she was pregnant, she also found that the man was missing.

  When the landlord came again to urge her to pay the rent, she had to walk into the pawnshop and put all her gold jewelry on the counter.

  The boss squinted and said, “What are you doing with so much gold-plated jewelry?”

“The girl froze.

  Then the boss’s eyes lit up, he took out a bunch of jewelry, took out the bottom necklace and said, “Well, this is a real gold necklace, worth a little money.

“The girl looked, wasn’t this the fake gold necklace that the boy gave her?

  The pawnshop owner played with the heart-shaped necklace and asked, “Hey, how much do you plan to be?” The girl suddenly snatched the necklace and left.