Eggplant peeling cannot be solanine

Eggplant peeling cannot be solanine

Eggplant contains a substance harmful to the human body: solanine.

Excessive consumption may cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

  Scientific research has found that the content of solanine in underripe eggplants is higher than that of mature eggplants.

The eggplant content in eggplants during the high harvest period is high, and the eggplant content in the eggplants harvested when the seedlings are pulled quickly is low.

It was also found that the shade of the color of the eggplant skin has a great relationship with the content of solanine in the eggplant. The content of purple eggplant is high and the content of green eggplant is low.

In other words, the darker the color of eggplant, the better the content of solanine.

  However, solanine does not exist in the skin of eggplant, but mainly in the pulp.

Therefore, the method of peeling eggplant skin to avoid supplementation of toxins is not effective.

At the same time, solanine basically does not degrade water, so it cannot be removed by scalding or boiling.

The only way is to control the intake.

Fortunately, the highest solanine content in eggplants does not exceed 0 per gram of dry weight.

8 mg, converted into fresh eggplant, eat about 450 grams, this high solanine eggplant may reach the injection volume of 25 mg, at this time may occur nausea and vomiting and other adverse reactions.

Only 400 mg of solanine can be fatal to an adult. Therefore, eating half a catty eggplant under normal circumstances will not cause any trouble.

  People have heard that raw tomatoes are poisonous, and the trouble is solanine.

Eat an 80?
100 grams of pure green tomatoes may reach the solanine content that people feel nauseous.

However, green tomatoes are not as terrible as imagined. Once you stop and eat, the symptoms will gradually ease.

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More than 15 kilograms are life-threatening.