Firming Yoga to prevent skin sagging

Firming Yoga to prevent skin sagging

With the gradual increase of age, the skin will become more and more relaxed due to the loss of collagen and elastic tissue fibers, etc., and the overlap will cause the rapid growth of wrinkles, leaving your body full of years.

Maybe you think you are still very young, and there is absolutely no need to do skin care work such as firming and firming. In fact, you can ensure the firmness of your skin by taking care of firming as early as possible.

Compactness test: Let’s take 30 seconds to do a small test.

  Pick up a mirror, first look at yourself in the mirror, this is you now; then raise the mirror at a 45-degree angle, and look up, this is you 10 years ago; if you lower the mirror 45 degrees, you see 10 You after the year.

  You in the mirror, obviously there is no obvious wrinkle change, why does the age suddenly increase?

The answer is-fragile, rewriting your contours.

Just as the body needs to exercise regularly to maintain flexibility and firmness, the face also needs to exercise moderately, so that the skin care products can make YOGA for the skin and help the skin maintain a firm contour.

  Rough fine lines, gravitational battle. Most women often pay too much attention to wrinkles and speckles, which becomes a signal that they have intensified before. In fact, after 30 years of age, they will clearly see their forehead, cheek andThe pores on both sides of the nose above begin to take on an oval shape, which is a sign that the skin’s elasticity has decreased and it has begun to relax.

  The first cause of skin sagging is the loss of elasticity of the skin’s dermal tissue.

There are collagen and elastic tissue fibers in the dermis, which will change with age and reduce the texture and content.

At the same time, the hyaluronic acid under the skin will be gradually lost. At this time, the skin lacking collagen will become loose, lose its elasticity, and the skin will naturally become loose and weak.

Initially, the pores began to dilate and the skin lost its elasticity. Later, the contours of the face began to change slowly.

  There are many causes of accumulation that lead to reduction, and many causes of overlap. For example, with age, hormone secretion in the body begins to decline, and the aunt under the skin gradually loses, and the skin loses support and gradually benefits.The effect of gravity on the skin.

The speed of skin aging will vary depending on your physical fitness, mental stress, exposure to sunlight, smoking and environmental pollution.

Successful anti-aging maintenance requires the coordination of maintenance habits, living and exercise habits.

  Do you need firming exercises?

  Maybe you think that combating sagging is a maintenance function course that you only need to do after you are 30 years old, but look closely at yourself to see if you are looking at the contours tightly and the skin is full; your jaws are raised and there is no double chin; the contours of your jaw to the edge of your earsThe lines are clear.

Are you looking down, looking up, and your face contours are tight and clear?

  Maybe you have regretted that the contour part of your contour has begun to alarm.

Fortunately, sometimes the relaxation is still in the pseudo-period. Effectively repairing and tightening products can improve the phenomenon of skin relaxation, suppress the generation of fine lines, and restore the skin to a smooth state.

  Cuticle: Moisturizing to maintain tightness Yuan Yuanquan’s latest research results have found that the cuticle has functions of barrier function and moisturizing function, the maturation of the keratinized outer membrane that controls the barrier function, and the production of natural moisturizing ingredients are derived from this.
By promoting the maturation of the keratinized adventitia, the stratum corneum is in a good state, and the cells are arranged in series, the barrier function is improved, the moisture is locked, and the skin is maintained in an ideal state.

  3 minutes a day, facial YOGA fuck Japanese women have been treated with lymphatic massage for a long time to combat aging. According to Xiaobian ‘s observations, Chinese and Japanese women of the same age are well maintained. Wrinkles, fineness of skin, spots and skinVery close, but the skin is tight.

During skin care every day, a skin massage for 3 minutes can help the skin maintain a firmer appearance.

  Tighten the forehead and between the eyebrows with the thumb and index finger to reorganize the eyebrows. Repeat the deep pinch movement. The contact surface between the finger and the raised pattern should be 90 °;Way from the corner of the eye to massage.

When you finish the massage, quickly pat the corners of the eyes under your eyes with your fingers to promote skin blood circulation and help the eye cream absorb.

  Tighten the eyes and the cheeks of the thumb and forefinger with the pinch, and slide it over the crow’s feet with a small pinch. The contact surface must be 90 ° C. On the sides of the jaw, a large pinch is required to stimulate the skin.blood circulation.

  Tighten the nose and lip and chin to absorb an appropriate amount of massage cream. Use the thumb and forefinger’s fingertips to insert the law pattern between the nose and lips and massage with a soft pinch; then bend your fingers and draw them along the circle.Gently pull upwards with your chin in an arc, and stop when you reach the ear.

After lifting, you don’t need to leave your skin on the skin.