Protect your retina pills when you sleep!

Protect your retina pills when you sleep!

Does predictive function of sleeping posture cause “bad results”?

Xiao Li, a student in a university in Wuhan, had to replace insulin pills because of inappropriate necrosis of the insulin pills and did not treat them in time, which affected sexual function.

  Xiao Li was suddenly awakened by the pain in her scrotum while she was sleeping, and her whole body was sweating coldly. Her classmates hurriedly placed him in a small clinic nearby.

After taking the medicine and injection, the pain was slightly relieved, because Li was about to take an exam, Xiao Li didn’t go to the hospital for treatment.

A few days later, his condition still did not improve. He went to the Department of Urology, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, and was diagnosed with retinal anesthesia reversed and necrotic. He must be removed immediately.

  According to Professor Lu Shengqi’s explanation, the retinal pill does not twist itself, but a slender rope-like spermatic cord on the retinal pill will twist the “knot”.

As the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the lactic acid pills and transporting the metabolic waste pass through the spermatic cords, once the spermatic cords are “knotted”, the insulin pills will be “starved” and will usually be damaged and necrotic after more than 12 hours.

  Professor Lu Shengqi reminded that although about half of the patients corrected by insulin pills had seizures after strenuous exercise, insulin pills were squeezed between the legs during lateral lying sleep, which was more obvious than the longer compression and prone to retina.Pill reversed.

  Infants and adolescents, such as sudden scrotal swelling and pain during high blood pressure exercise or sleep, should be suspected of retinal pill torsion and promptly go to the urology department of a large-scale hospital.

If the diagnosis is timely, manual techniques or emergency surgery can be used to reduce the male characteristics and reproductive functions.