Teach you Tianhan’s little prescription to help your eyes go to fire

Teach you Tianhan’s little prescription to help your eyes go to fire

Introduction: Many dietary habits in life are related to our own health. When facing various nutrition, how do we choose, this is a question directly related to health.

How to choose nutrition?

How to choose a diet?

Eating anyway will have a certain impact on the body.

Teach you Tian Han’s little prescription to help your eyes go to fire.

  The invasion of the cold wave makes the weather drier and colder, and the eyes are becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Bed together early in the morning, dry eyes, and a lot of shit; on the way to work, the eyes “shed tears in the wind”; after staying in the office for a long time, the eyes are still dry and itchy.

In winter, many homes use air conditioners and heating to keep them warm, resulting in dry indoor air.

According to Chinese medicine, dryness is yang, which accelerates the evaporation of tears, causing eyes to “get angry”.

  To prevent dryness in the room, you can use a humidifier in the room or put water near the bed to increase the surrounding humidity if your eyes are on fire. You should also avoid sleeping in the air-conditioning outlet.

In addition, some small prescriptions can be used to help the eyes to fire: 1.

Chrysanthemum tea: appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, drink with boiling water; 2.

Cassia tea: take 6 grams of fried cassia seeds, mash, drink in boiling water; 3.

Hot and clear eyes tea: 6 grams of raw land, 6 grams of Ophiopogon, 3 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 grams of honeysuckle. After brewing with boiling water, cover with sulking for 20 minutes.

  On a cold morning, many people shed tears unconsciously when they go out.

To prevent “wind and tears”, first wear protective glasses when going out; second, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, washbasins, towels should be used for personal use; if the tears don’t stop, be alert to trachoma and chronic conjunctivitis.

  Dry weather, coupled with improper use of eyes, dry eye traps more and more people.

Onset of dry eye, massage is also a good method. Specific method: After getting up, rub your hands against each other, and then rub your eyes with your palms (closed eyes) after rubbing your hands. After repeated three times, use your index finger, middle finger,Gently rub the eyeball of the ring finger for 20 seconds.

  To prevent dry eyes and relieve eye fatigue, in addition to the need for proper light and extra rest, it is also necessary to “supple nutrition” to the eyes.

In order to get adequate eye replenishment, we must first pay attention to nutritional balance, and usually eat more coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, red and green vegetables, beans, fruits and other foods rich in vitamins, proteins and fiber.

In fact, you should eat foods that have health functions for the eyes, such as sesame and carrots, which can relieve eye fatigue and prevent dryness.

  Editor reminds: In order to develop healthy eating habits, we need to do everything in our lives.

The evil comes from the mouth, the sick comes from the mouth. In order to stay away from disease and healthy body, we must always pay attention to how to eat healthy.