Betrayal of an affair woman

Betrayal of an affair woman

Life is like the standard of a professional suit, but women’s psychological desire for freshness and passion is inevitably pointed to the wall-side apricot, secretly seducing the woman.

Betrayal turned into sprout.

  Either because of the change of thinking mode caused by the times, or because of the growing power of desire, we are more and more sorry for love.

If we want to lower, we would rather talk about one-night stand or physical enjoyment, but we would rather not say love.

Men and women slowly join forces to undermine love and undermine commitment.

In fact, promises are losing weight more and more like big talk. Everyone can not guarantee themselves, but they do not believe in each other. Betrayal means an unstoppable one-night stand, which has become a surging undercurrent.

  忐忑 Pleasure If a woman’s love only outputs but no input, then this woman is not far from withering.

Women are emotional, so women need more care, pampering, attention and praise.

It’s just that emotional women can only endure “outputting love without inputting”.

After a husband has lived with the same woman for many years, he suddenly finds that she has been excited, beautiful, happy and sneaky with the past. If it is not that she is using your means to attract your attention, it is that she has the possibility to go beyond development.

  There are gaps in the wall . Life is too trivial and boring, and there are many reasons for it to be ignited and cruelly aired again and again. All the reasons that women can use to blame their husbands in family life are appropriately enlarged and then become a kind ofThe reason for betrayal became the gap that Hong Xing came out of the wall.

The gap was opened, and a little external catalyst, another man who can produce good feelings and even passion, a man who has an idea for you, and at the same time dispatches loneliness, passion, or something else, betrayal occurs.

  Nowhere to run. In another way, women ca n’t change men and do n’t prevent them from changing themselves. In fact, we are not opposed to reasonable, false betrayal. I even think that it is women who keep healthy, beautiful, andMeans of passionate life.

I support the strategy of not giving up attracting other men, but never getting caught up in it. Women can care about the appreciation and affection of other men for themselves, and treat others other than their husbands, dress themselves, and make them sexy., Healthy and natural, full of attractiveness, attracting men’s attention, even chasing, but so far.