[Pregnancy dizziness what to eat]_Pregnancy_Diet

[Pregnancy dizziness what to eat]_Pregnancy_Diet

Dizziness during pregnancy is caused by many problems, such as low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and anemia in pregnant women.

Dizziness is more dangerous for pregnant women. If you accidentally wrestle or hit something else because of dizziness, it will bring a great threat to your child’s life. Therefore, for pregnant women who have dizziness, they must take reasonable measures.The way to engage the body for some conditioning.

Pregnant women often feel dizzy

1. It should be noted that pregnant women’s dizziness needs to be treated under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take drugs without permission, which will have a certain impact on the fetus.

2, pregnant women dizzy can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance immunity.

Some vitamins with antioxidant effects, and some vitamin C, also help fight various infectious diseases.

3, you can also choose to eat some vitamins and minerals mixed supplements for pregnant women, gradually, to ensure adequate rest, and avoid not to make yourself stressed.

4, some pregnant women may be dizzy due to qi and blood deficiency symptoms, you can eat jujube, goji qi to nourish blood, but still have to pay attention to the right amount.

5, pay attention to diet and nutrition, pay attention to rest during pregnancy, do not take time to exercise, so as not to cause miscarriage, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not eat spicy food, do a good checkup to determine obesity and health, pay attention to relax.

Second, what is the cause of dizziness in pregnant women? Dizziness is mainly caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

1, low blood pressure, pregnant women with brain anatomy type will usually faint when sudden complications or suffer from elevator.

In the early and middle stages of pregnancy, due to the formation of the placenta, blood pressure has decreased to a certain extent, which is generally lower than usual1.


67 kPa, which is physiological.

In pregnant women who cause hypertension, the drop in blood pressure will increase.

When blood pressure drops, blood flow to the brain will decrease, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, making the cerebral blood vessels hypoxic, and causing dizziness.

2, too little food, low blood sugar type pregnant women sometimes develop dizziness, accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, cold sweats, usually in the case of less food.

Eat less during pregnancy due to pregnancy reaction-vomiting.

Eat less and make your blood sugar low.

Blood glucose is the source of energy for muscle cells and brain cells.

Low blood sugar reduces cell energy, which leads to discomfort such as fatigue, dizziness, cold sweat, and palpitations.

3, improper posture, pregnant women such as oppression of blood vessels generally occur when lying on the back or lying on the sofa while watching TV, but do not occur when lying on the side or occur.

Dizziness in this type of pregnant woman is supine syndrome.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the enlargement of the uterus, a heavy uterus presses on the inferior vena cava behind it when sitting supine or lying down, preventing blood from the lower body from returning to the heart;Reduced blood supply to the heart and brain, causing dizziness and chest tightness.

4. Anemia in pregnant women with anemia is also a common cause of dizziness in pregnant women.

Usually pregnant women should consume foods rich in iron, such as animal blood, pork liver, lean meat and so on.

Once anemia occurs, iron should be supplemented urgently. Pregnant women also have dizziness and headache.

If the disease develops into a threatened cervix, it can cause convulsions, coma, and endanger the lives of pregnant women and fetuses.

This is the most serious complication during pregnancy and should be diagnosed early.