What are the characteristics of genital herpes?

What are the characteristics of genital herpes?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV), mainly HSV-2, and a few are HSV-1.

It is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases.

Genital herpes can recur, with fractures affecting the patient’s health and psychological effects.

So what are the characteristics of genital herpes episodes?

Characteristics of genital herpes 1. Early symptoms of genital herpes are manifested in the external genitalia, and there are small papules on the perianal area. Most of them are pink and cauliflower-like. The surface is very brittle and can be easily removed by hand.It is easy to bleed and infect.

Ejaculation with blood.

In addition, genital herpes in the urethra will have urinary pain, frequent urination and so on.

If a patient with severe infection to the bladder is likely to cause kidney infection, hydronephrosis, lower extremity edema, etc.

2, genital herpes pain does not necessarily occur, most patients do not have a strong sense of discomfort in the process of the disease, only a few patients may have a slight tingling, itching.

3, genital herpes patients with small reddish papules at the beginning of the skin lesions, gradually grow up, the surface is uneven and soft nipple-like distortion, some are cauliflower-like, the roots can be pedicled, the surface is wet and gray, for a long timeThe surface may have erosive leakage, occasionally itching and scratching, may be followed by bacterial infection, purulent discharge on the surface, odor and pain.

4, good in the penis, glans, foreskin, foreskin ligament, groin, anus and rectum.

The penile genital herpes usually occurs on the surface of the skin with sexual intercourse, and genital herpes can also occur in the urethra, but it is more common in the urethra, and can even occur in the bladder.

Patients with too long prepuce are more susceptible to illness.

5, women occur in the labia, vaginal opening, urethra, cervix, perianal and other parts.

In the genital area, such a sickle-like excess organism should be suspected of genital herpes, and should be promptly treated in the hospital.

Experts would like to remind friends that the symptoms of genital herpes genital herpes should not be underestimated. Only by knowing its symptoms can it be found at the beginning of the disease. At this time, genital herpes is often extremely fragile, so patients do not need to absorb genital herpes genitals.The subsequent damage to herpes can be removed.