Diarrhea after menstruation try Chinese medicine

Diarrhea after menstruation try Chinese medicine

Diarrhea after menstruation, many sisters are so many, classmates and friends around are such people, some people take it for granted that this is normal physiological phenomenon!

What’s going on with diarrhea after menstruation!

  In short, diarrhea after menstruation, the cause is-insufficient blood.

When the menstrual period comes, the limited qi and blood are mobilized, and the gastrointestinal tract becomes more and more deficient, so there is a functional distortion, and diarrhea is not an accident.

As a particularly popular example, when you have insufficient storage, you need to buy large items, so you must save money in other areas. As a result, your dressing level is reduced and the number of outbound trips is reduced.

With a certain amount of qi and blood, the use of qi and blood is a process of fading away from one another. If one organ is used more, other organs will be reduced accordingly, unless it is caused by your qi and blood.It can ensure that each organ has enough Qi and blood to support daily operations, and even enough spare Qi and blood to cope with sudden or large expenditure events, such as menstruation.

  After the principle is clear, it is time to find the right medicine.

Do n’t think that you are going to eat any western medicine, health products or prescriptions for Chinese medicine. The treatment of diarrhea when you are menstrual is actually very simple and the materials are very convenient: soak your feet at night; eat more red dates and longan; drink more brown sugar water;, Control cold food absorption, eat seasonal vegetables and fruits; go to bed early.

  In order to promote blood circulation and accelerate detoxification when soaking the feet, red dates, longan and brown sugar water are good helpers for replenishing qi and blood; refrain from cold drinks, control the absorption of cold food, and eat seasonal vegetables and fruits to create a warm interiorEnvironment, warmth is a very important factor for a woman. The monthly menstrual period needs a warmer environment. When people are warm, their bodies can run healthy. Early bedtime is to give the body enough time to make blood and repair internal organs.

In particular, red dates are women’s big love. They can be made with tea or porridge, or simply chewed raw.

  In fact, the treatment of a disease is as simple as that. In the final analysis, you need to reorganize from your own living habits. If there are any wrong habits, gradually correct them. Correct them in a direction that suits your body and follows the nature.wrong!

Do n’t stick to it for three or five days, just say this method is not effective; do n’t eat blood food while singing every night, sleepless in the morning, say this food is not suitable for me; do n’t eat cold drinks while trying to solve the problem,I also lament that once this problem keeps up, it will never be cured for life.

Change your perspective, check yourself, treat your body well, and your body will surely give you back a generous gift.