What are the symptoms of procrastination?

How to treat procrastination?

What are the symptoms of procrastination?

How to treat procrastination?

Procrastination is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Surveys show that about 75% of college students think they sometimes delay, and half of them think they always delay.

On the surface, procrastination does not affect life, but the psychological impact is far-reaching.

Delays often cause delays and blame for the consequences of delays, which can lead to serious illness.

So once you find yourself suffering from procrastination, you must not be careless.

  What are the specific manifestations of procrastination patients?

  1. Do n’t clean the bowl immediately after eating 2. I want to drink water but do n’t want to get up and pour 3. I find it troublesome to go to the bathroom 4. I watch TV on the sofa from sitting to leaning to lying down 5. Walk a few moreI feel tired after walking 6. I’d rather be dazed at home than go out 7. Someone asks you to do something, wait for the fifth beep to move 8, buy something and try to buy it on the Internet, deliver it to the door 9, and don’t eat fruit that needs peeling 10.Yesterday, I said: I want to go . Today, I said: forget about 11, you are always in a hurry 12, it seems that everything will not be too late 13, your time in the universe will break out when there is not enough time 14, One thing is too difficult, you will give up 15, you can sleep at any time. For the above symptoms, Xiaobian actually accounted for 12, how many of you?

  Procrastination is a disease, it must be cured!

How to cure it?

  Concentrate When we are procrastinating, there are often more interesting things to do.

So the first thing we need to do is to cut off the sources of interference, such as mobile phones, computers, and networks.

Then take a deep breath and always believe that I can do it today.

  Easier to Difficult When treating procrastination, we’d better do simple things first, and then we will have a sense of satisfaction after we finish, so we can continue to do difficult things with confidence.

  Learn to arrange your work for the day, and arrange the most important and most difficult time when the spirit is the best. At this time, the work efficiency is also the highest.

Even if it is not completed in the end, it will not cause great losses.

  Be prepared to forget to make a memo of what you are doing today, stick it in the most prominent place, and if necessary, adjust an alarm clock to remind yourself at all times.

  Reward and punishment can set a goal for yourself. If you finish it on time every day, you can play a game or entertain yourself. If you don’t complete it, you must limit your favorite activities.

But this must be achieved with sufficient self-control.

  Procrastination is not natural, it may be affected by the surrounding environment, or it may be resistance to certain objects, but procrastination does affect human health.

Throw away the habit of procrastination and start from the morning.