Murder of marriage-the emergence of the fourth person

Murder of marriage-the emergence of the “fourth person”

When marriage encounters disharmony, and when we are tired of our spouse, we may breed the seeds of growth for the emergence of the “third party” and lay the groundwork for the destruction of a family.
Some people may find someone more suitable when they find their marriage unhappy, but some people may not think so.
There used to be a saying, “Find someone who likes you as a wife (husband), and find someone who likes you as a lover.”
Therefore, after some urban young people got married, their spouses were very good to themselves, and they were very satisfied with them, but their “love” was not put on the shelf, so the “fourth” came into being.
  The “fourth person” mentioned here does not traditionally mean that in addition to the “third person”, another person is inserted to complicate the relationship.
It is somewhat similar to a “third party”, but not all.
Because he (she) does not want to enter the room like a “third party”, and instead, it will destroy the other party’s marriage. Instead, he only takes what he needs and does not interfere with each other’s freedom.To maintain a close lover relationship.
Therefore, the “fourth person” is more concealed than the “third person”. Over time, although it does not damage the family, it makes the members of the family indifferent to their spouses, and the name of the husband and wife is dead.
  ”Midday Lover” Mr. Ding Ding is the executive director of a large company. For him, the happiest time of the day is not to have fun with his wife and children at night, but at noon, because at this moment, he can meet him”Midday Lover”.
  Mr. Ding is 42 years old and has been married for 13 years.
At first, he also experienced several love relationships, and finally chose his current wife.
His wife is very beautiful. To be honest, he is very happy with her, but he doesn’t like her, because he always finds the feeling of deep love in her.
Maybe there are too many beautiful girls, so he doesn’t like a girl just because he is beautiful.
However, his wife loved him very much. Therefore, at the age of 29, in order not to worry his parents, he decided to end his single life, so he married his current wife.
  But his heart did not collapse.
He has always maintained some contact with some previous girls.
There was an idea in his heart that if he didn’t let his wife know, he wouldn’t hurt her, and he also decided not to abandon his wife, just to play.
He didn’t want to live a boring life.
Therefore, for the past two or three years, he has always had some secret lover who did not ask for identity.
  The current “Lunch Lover” is a classmate of his university, Miss Yue. At the university, Mr. Ding was interesting to Miss Yue. To be honest, Miss Yue may not be as beautiful as his wife, but he always felt that Miss Yue was veryTemperament, and this feeling cannot be given to him by his wife.
However, at that time, Miss Yue already had a master’s name and became the girlfriend of another classmate. Therefore, Mr. Ding did not want to be a “third party”, so she had to give up.
  Coincidentally, after several years, just half a year ago, Mr. Ding once met Ms. Yue at a party and realized that she was not very happy. After having a few years of love with that male classmate, she also broke up., Although the current husband is good to her, but it is just a product of make-up.
So she is not very happy, but as a wife, she will not divorce her husband.
  In this way, when Mr. Ding heard Ms. Yue ‘s self-report, she spoke directly about her situation and boldly vomited her admiration. Ms. Yue was also a very open person and had a good opinion of Mr. Ding.Just hit it off and be a lover.
The two agreed not to interfere with each other’s freedom, and they should never talk about it.
  Coincidentally, the two-person company is very close to each other, and the lunch break is relatively long, and they do not go home.
Therefore, he became a “noon lover”, often eating lunch and chatting together.
Of course, when appropriate, they will make an appointment for the evening.
  ”Substitute husband” Miss Fang Yi is a clerk of a company, 27 years old, newly married for two years.
The relationship between the couple is very good. His husband Mr. Zhang works in a large trading company and has a high income.
The two had good financial conditions and lived a comfortable life, but there was one thing that was not good. That was because her husband ran a trade and often had to travel, often being away from home for half a month, which made Miss Fang very unhappy.
Because the two people lived in a new house, they lived in two. Because Fang didn’t like to deal with people, she was just a part-time worker and did not hire a full-time nanny.
Therefore, whenever the husband is not at home, she is always lonely, and of course, more importantly, she is afraid.
  Miss Fang was not in Nanjing, so she couldn’t go home. Although her husband’s family was in Nanjing, she was embarrassed to run to her in-laws’ house.
So whenever her husband travels, she always sleeps alone.
At this time Mr. Du appeared.
Mr. Du is a friend of Miss Fang’s boss. Before he was 30, he had a successful career and operated two restaurants.
People are also tall and handsome, and they are not married yet.Some unmarried girls in the company are very fond of him. Every time he comes to the company, he is always attentive and wants to climb him.

Strangely enough, Mr. Du never moved. Instead, he always looked at Miss Fang affectionately, making her confused.

  Miss Fang was a little restless. From the woman’s instinct, she knew that Mr. Du was interested in herself.

Finally, when the two had a chance to get along alone, Mr. Du made his own stand and said, “Miss Fang, I like you very much, I don’t know what you mean?”

  Miss Fang didn’t know what to say for a while. To be honest, she also had a good opinion of Mr. Du. If she was single now, she would probably agree without hesitation.

But I am already married, my husband is very good to himself, and he loves him deeply, how can he do something that is sorry for him?

She stayed for a while, and finally went on, I’m sorry, Mr. Du, I’m married.

  Mr. Du said, I know your situation, I already know everything.

You have a good relationship with your husband and wife, but he often travels and doesn’t have much time to take care of you.

I don’t really want to destroy your family, I don’t want to make your husband and wife be at odds.

However, I think you are a girl I like, so I think we can be an underground lover, of course it is not public, I will not tell others, you can rest assured.

I will never let your husband know, and I will not ask you to divorce him.

I know your husband often travels. So, when he is at home, I will never disturb you. When he is on a business trip, we will date and I will look after you. How about that?

  Ms. Fang was in a distressed mood for a moment.

Mr. Du is very gentlemanly and average. I won’t force you. I just think that, for such an excellent girl as yours, your husband would look after you alone.

Well, after you think about it, call me. This is my business card.

  Mr. Du finally gave Miss Fang a business card. Miss Fang did not pick it up, and he put it on her.

Ms. Fang felt very confused on this day. She didn’t know how to choose. She didn’t want to betray her husband. But Mr. Du did say something reasonable. In her subconscious, she had love for Mr. Du.Before work, she put her business card in her bag.

  Later, one night after her husband’s business trip, Ms. Fang had a nightmare. After waking up, she was still terrified. The first thing she thought of was to call Mr. Du’s phone.

Mr. Du drove up 15 minutes after she called, at 3 o’clock in the evening.

Miss Fang was so touched that Mr. Du took her into her arms.

Later, Mr. Du became “substitute husband” after Miss Fang’s husband went on a business trip.

  Longing for Passion Mr. Liu is now 36 years old and has been married for 10 years. The couple has always been very good in relationship and work well. The family is very beautiful and has an 8-year-old daughter.

He never expected that he would have an affair.

But in fact, sometimes your own heart will go astray.

  Maybe it’s a plain life, or maybe romance is long gone.

After a long marriage, Mr. Liu suddenly felt annoyed about his wife. Of course, he knew it wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife anymore, and even got along day and night without passion.

Facing his own understanding of some excellent opposite sexes, he is always full of passion and mystery, which sometimes makes him unable to calm his mind for a long time.

He understands that although they are excellent, they are not suitable for themselves, because for many years he knows that only his wife is the best person to him.

But he still couldn’t bring his deviant heart back.

  At this time, his “fourth person” also appeared. She was a staff member of her company. She was 9 years younger and 27 years younger than him. She was not married because she was a bachelor and was planning to be single in her life.Noble life.

But she is not sexually depressed.

So she chose Mr. Liu.

  That time was at the bar. Mr. Liu went to the bar for a drink because he was unhappy, and Yan happened to be with his friends and saw him, so Yan and Liu drank.

At the end of the drink, Yan uttered her thoughts and asked Mr. Liu to maintain only a lover relationship with her.

  Mr. Liu looked at Yan with drunkenness, good figure, big eyes, and finally did not resist the temptation and agreed.

Later, Mr. Liu often dated Yan and maintained this relationship.

But he was also very careful, for fear of his wife knowing, so sometimes he was very nervous.

  Regarding the reasons for the emergence of the “fourth person”, people’s ideas are still relatively conservative, and they cannot tolerate extramarital affairs. Therefore, if the “third person” wants to have feelings, the party with the family must first end the marriage and end the relationship.

Now, due to the influence of certain trends of thought, people’s concepts are also more open, coupled with the sediment of some feudal ideas, people are now more forgiving of extramarital affairs.So someone even wants a wife (husband) and a lover, so there is a “fourth person”.

  Husbands and wives should care for each other, and the latest Marriage Law also requires mutual loyalty.

Relatively speaking, although the lover will not ask you to divorce to renew the family with him or her, but imagine that if your lover is unmarried, even if he (she) will not ask you to restructure the family with you for a while,) I want to get married, do n’t I think of you?

And if both parties are married, then this confidentiality is also very difficult.

And if you let your spouse know, it will not be tolerated.

  In this kind of game, it is women that ultimately suffer, because in the marriage market, men may increase in value as they age, and women ‘s deterioration may decrease.

Therefore, women must learn to control themselves, and they must hold their own when meeting mature men.

Men should also learn to love their families, respect their wives, and even if you encounter the opposite sex you like, why do you have to possess her?

Isn’t it good to be good friends?