How long does the baby start feeding after birth

How long does the baby start feeding after birth

[Guide]After the baby is born, breastfeeding should be carried out as soon as possible, this can promote mother’s milk secretion.

Colostrum is rich in antibodies, so your baby should eat the mother’s colostrum in time.

In general, if the mother is giving birth, everything is normal for the baby, 0.

Milk can be opened in 2 hours.

  Breastfeeding frequency, time and feeding rate 1?
3-day baby, breastfeeding on demand, 10 each time?
15 minutes (to follow the principle of on-demand breastfeeding, depending on individual differences).

14-day babies are fed every 4 hours at 15?

20 minutes each time 30?
90 ml (the principle of breastfeeding on demand in order, according to individual differences).

  15?Babies for 30 days, breastfeeding every 3 hours, 15?
20 minutes.

The feeding time can be arranged at 6, 9 and 12 in the morning; 3, 6, 9 in the afternoon and 12:00 in the night, and 3 in the middle of the night, each time 70?
100 ml (to be fed on demand, based on individual differences).