What to do in a boring summer diet-

What to do in a boring summer diet?

After the torrential rain, it is the hot summer. Even if there is a heavy torrential rain outside, everyone feels windless and sweltering, and sweats like beads.

What to do in a dreary summer diet?

Let me tell you, the golden season of eating melons, beans and bitterness is here.

  Eating standard: You can eat more melons. Recommended: Bitter Melon In early summer, I recommend a good dish that is cheap and hot in summer-bitter melon.

  Don’t believe it, try it. Although bitter gourd is available all year round, it tastes the best at this time and the price is the cheapest.

The most important thing is that it clears the eyes and removes heat and detoxifies. It is most suitable for summer.

This is what the saying goes: “Summer is better than tonic”.

  In the middle of summer, winter melon is on the market, and that is the best way to eat winter melon.

  Recommendation: Watermelon skin watermelon is rich in water and can also hit vitamins B and C. It is a fruit with excellent nutritional content. In addition, watermelon is a cold food in theory of Chinese medicine. Eat more in summer, just to cool down, cool down, and quench thirst.

  Especially the layer of white meat between the watermelon red (yellow) flesh and the skin has a clear heat-reducing effect, and can even be shredded into vegetables and cooked into soup.

  Recommendation: Vegetable porridge sweats a lot in summer, and it is easy to sweat a lot. Pay attention to add water and salt.

At this time, people’s appetite is not particularly good. Light, high-moisture and rich in vitamins are the best food choices.

When you have a bad appetite, you can drink lettuce and cabbage to make porridge.

  And the effect of this warm porridge to relieve heat is much better than ice water, because warm water is good for blood circulation and relieves heat.

  Recommendation: Bean soup is hot and hot in summer, but the humidity is high, which makes people feel sweltering.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human spleen is the most awkward, humid and dry, so there are more people with spleen and stomach disease in summer, and symptoms such as loss of appetite and diarrhea appear.

It is recommended that you eat more legumes, such as mung beans, red beans, lentils, soy products, etc., and make a soup to relieve heat and dampness, and strengthen the spleen and kidney.

And wait until mid-summer, it is recommended that you cook winter melon barley soup to relieve heat.

  OK standard: Too cold or too sun is not recommended: Early to bed and early to get up Chinese medicine believes that in summer, “early bed and early to get up” is the most adaptable feature of solar terms.

If you can’t go to bed early at night, a proper lunch break at noon is still a good adjustment.

In addition, because the hot summer weather can easily affect sleep, but it is easier to rule out the disturbance of sleep on the climate due to the habit of starting to sleep regularly.

  Recommendation: Don’t blow into the air conditioner in the summer and feel sultry in the summer. Some people stay cool until late at night, even greedy and sleep outside, or sleep under electric fans.

Chinese medicine believes that wind evil can cause a variety of diseases, and often hurt people inadvertently.

Therefore, when the weather is hot again, it is necessary to be cool and cool. It is not appropriate to choose convection vents for sleeping indoors. Electric fans are not suitable for direct blows of high-grade fans. When using air conditioners, it is not appropriate to lower the temperature so that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is excessiveAnd cause “air conditioning disease.”

  Recommendation: skin diseases, eye diseases, sun protection. Summer is not to say that you can’t bask in the sun, but you must avoid the noon when the sun is the strongest.

Especially for patients with lupus erythematosus and senile plaque, if the sun is too much, human skin will be damaged by ultraviolet rays, which may easily induce or worsen the disease.

In addition, cataract patients can exacerbate the condition under the sun.