Middle-aged and elderly people

Middle-aged and elderly people

Often comb your hair at least twice a day, more than 60 combs each time, can clear eyes, clear the brain, expelling wind, promoting blood circulation, increase kidney function, prevent hair loss, and promote blood circulation.

Often insisting that it benefits.

  Always wipe the face After washing your face, use your hands to wipe the face for more than 10 times to massage and stimulate the acupuncture points on the face.

Can promote facial blood circulation and boost spirit.

  After using the eyepieces for a long period of time, Chang Yun’s eyepieces must first be turned away, then closed with eyes closed, and the eyesight is particularly bright.

The method is: the eyeball is adjusted from the left to the top and from the right to the bottom more than 10 times, so that the muscles of the eye can be fully moved and adjusted.

  Regular ear massage can help kidney, brain, and prevent deafness.

The method is to massage the ear wheel with both hands, not a fixed number of times, with fever as the degree.

The ears have acupuncture points corresponding to the five internal organs, which are called auricular points, and often massage the ears to penetrate and stimulate the good effects of auricular points.

  Tooth decay often occurs more than 30 times in the morning.

The method is that the upper and lower teeth are rattling, which can promote the secretion of oral salivary glands; the swallowing of body fluid is beneficial to health.

  Often sports life lies in exercise.

If you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles and joints will shrink.

The method is to stretch the waist often, to keep the abdomen closed, to shake the limbs, to do gymnastics, and to actively participate in physical and mental work within their ability.

  There are many types of baths, including hot spring baths, solariums, clear water baths, air baths, sand baths, and mud baths.

Can be selected and applied according to conditions and physical conditions.

  Washing your feet often before going to bed with moderate hot water every night is one of the secrets of health care.

Massage the Yongquan points more than 30 times after washing your feet, which is conducive to sleep and health care, especially in winter.

  Chang Yang Qi should take the initiative to raise energy, and should keep the spirit happy, comfortable, not angry, broad-minded, diet, normal living, work and rest, exercise supreme, and enhance resistance.

Chinese medicine believes that “qi is blood,” is the root of health.

  Those who are often deficient in essence and kidney are susceptible to low back pain, soft knees, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, palpitations, tooth movements, lack of energy, and premature reproductive failure.

Only by adopting the measures of “nourishing essence, protecting kidney and abstinence” can the above-mentioned treatment be carried out to achieve a healthy and long life.

  Nutrition is the material basis of life. Protein, sugars, traces, vitamins, minerals, etc. are indispensable.

Medicinal and food support, food-based; vegetarian food has both, vegetarian-based.

  Chang Yang Shen Shen refers to mental strength, mental strength.

God is the master of the body, the foundation of life and death, and the source of good and evil.

Eight hours of work must be focused, the rest of the time and weekends should be based on their hobbies and specialties, send fun to a skill to promote health.

  Chang Huan is nervous, worried, and fear is the enemy of health.

Traditional Chinese medicine requires “spiritual inner guarding, not too much affection.”

We must calmly deal with all kinds of bad stimuli, deal with them calmly, and avoid danger.

The ancients said it well: sincerely thought about it, and cultivated to worry about it.

Confucius also said, “I am happy and forget, I do not know that old age is coming.

  When talking about hygienic diet, be careful, wash fruits and vegetables; wash your hands before meals, gargle and brush your teeth after meals; clean and disinfect tableware such as pots, chopsticks, spoons, etc .; usually dress and live in a clean environment.

  She often laughs when her tibia, lungs expand, and her breathing increases; when she laughs in her belly, she produces gastric juice, which helps digestion, promotes appetite, and promotes metabolism; she laughs throughout her body, excites her whole body, sleeps sweetly, feels energized, opens her mind, and works hard.

Laughter is a science. Frequent laughter, smile, and laughter can effectively treat people’s neurasthenia, depression and other mental illnesses.

But laughter must also have a degree, especially patients with hypertension, hypertension, myocardial infarction and other diseases, can not laugh, but only smile.