Underwear that is good for expectant mothers

Underwear that is good for expectant mothers


About 40% of pregnant women have mold in their vagina, but as long as there is no condition for them to grow quickly.

Are harmless.

But when infected, except for the genital itching.

A vaginal burning sensation is about to appear, secretions increase, smell, color, and even tofu residue, cheese-like.

  Early and late pregnancy, affected by the sharp increase in hormones, vaginal secretions increase, at this time more vulnerable to infection, if left unattended, it may affect fetal growth and development.

But the treatment of mold is the most difficult thing. Even if the doctor treats it completely enough, the mold on the patient’s underwear will form spores that can withstand various harsh environments, which is difficult to remove by cleaning, and infections often occur.

Therefore, pregnant women should pay more attention to keeping their underwear and perineum clean, change their underwear frequently, and prevent infection. If they accidentally become infected, they should also go to the hospital immediately.

  Wear pairs of underwear. When you get pregnant with half the effort, because the abdomen is gradually bulging and the belly is gradually enlarged, you will often feel itchy belly and the vaginal secretions of pregnant women increase. So in this very period, you should choose good breathability and strong water absorption.Soft-touch and warm cotton underwear is non-irritating to the skin and will not cause rash and prurigo. The bottom of the pants uses antibacterial and anti-odor substances, which can reduce the health intervention of pregnant women.

  Suggested buying principles: Selecting underwear for pregnant women according to the size of the belly circumference should be based on the change of belly circumference and hip size during pregnancy: You can also buy button-type underwear that can adjust the waist circumference, which can be used throughout the pregnancy.

In terms of style, most of them are mainly high waist and middle waist.

However, more and more stylish expectant mothers are also choosing low-waist underwear or even thongs for pregnant women in order to match popular clothes. At this time, they must pay more attention to maintaining hygiene.

  At each stage, focus on the early stages of pregnancy: fit and suitable underwear for pregnant women.

  Mid-pregnancy: prevent the abdomen and chest from getting cold, panties and hips and warm underwear.

  Late pregnancy: Increased secretions, choose good hygroscopicity, underwear material with antibacterial and anti-odor treatment.

  The following kinds of common pregnant women’s underwear are suitable for use during pregnancy1. As the name suggests, the underpants can overcome the belly and protect the pregnant woman’s abdomen. The waistband can cover the part above the navel for warmth.

The elastic band at the waist can be adjusted by itself. Depending on the body shape at different stages of pregnancy, the elasticity of the front abdomen is mostly made of elastic material, which can accommodate the growing belly and make it more comfortable to wear.

Hip-back design to prevent pregnancy from destroying hips.

Of course, there are also mid-waist and boxer styles, easy to match clothing.

  2. The maternity-specific physiological pants use elastic elastic cotton, which has good skin contact and is not tight. It is divided into fixed type and movable type that can be opened below.

The self-adhesive opening design of the bottom of the trousers is convenient for prenatal examination and special periods such as puerperium or physiological period.

  3. Disposable cotton trousers are mainly used during confinement, and they are thrown away when used up. It is a very convenient choice.

If there is less lochia, you can change to normal underwear.

  How does pregnant mommy prevent vaginal infections?

  Wear cotton breathable sweat-absorbent underwear, which can be changed multiple times a day.

  Don’t wear tight pants or tights, try to keep it airy and dry.

  Underwear is best washed with neutral soap alone. Do not wash the toilet with other clothes. Please remember to wipe it after you go to reduce the chance of infection.

  Take a shower instead of a bath. Do not use an intravaginal lavator or medication.

  Eat less starches, sugars, and irritating foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

  The so-called prevention is more important than treatment, so it is better to pay more attention to personal hygiene in order to avoid such annoying problems.