Love in the vicissitudes of life

Love in the vicissitudes of life

Boundless loneliness and emptiness slow down in the empty room.

  After graduating from university, I told Yang Yi who was going to the northwestern branch of the Northwest that I would wait for you for three years, and now two and a half years have passed.

In this increasingly boring world, I know that I have some helplessness and some anxiety in my persistence and waiting. However, I have come here every day. All my body’s love and my thoughts are waiting intact.Together day.

  I also accidentally surfed the Internet, entered the chat room, and found some comfort in the unreal.

I am amazed at how easy it is for modern people to feel comfortable and to be happy in time.

They search for a one-night stand and a short-term lover on the Internet just because their lover is away on business or abroad, but they can’t bear the loneliness and are so unwilling to aggravate themselves.

Modern emotions cannot bear the short separation of time and space.

Because it is not yet a real relationship, an unforgettable emotion will always withstand the vicissitudes of the sea.

  And I know I’m waiting for my lifelong lover.

My future husband.

I have been waiting lonely.

More than three years after graduating from college.

I’ve been waiting for many, many years . I was in high school that year.

16 years old.

The season of panic has never awakened from the tender dreams.

Ten years have passed.

Looking back again, time will ruthlessly filter out how many footprints and vicissitudes, and it more and more clearly freezes the deep sorrows and sorrows of the years.

  Very ordinary day.

It’s just that the sun should be warm.

The blue dress wrapped around me, and on the crowded steps, the bell rang, and the crowds that came often came, and I had no time to dodge the boy who had already collided with me, and the person who hit me turned,Seeing me in amazement, I looked down and lifted me up. “Sorry, sorry!

“His companion called him to leave, and the teacher went.

Instead, he focused on his fault and carefully bounced off the mud on my body. “Did you hurt, doesn’t it matter?

“I looked up, my pure eyes fell on me, the real warmth, the sincere guilt. At that moment, if there was a god who knew everything, it would really see a girl who was awakened for the first time on the desolate heart field.The flaky ripples, in fact, the spring breeze blew the frozen glacier . After years of thinking, the eyes that made me tremble and bewildered, the eyes intertwined with responsibility, warmth, tolerance and love, have gradually been in Chinese men’sVanished.

  After that day, I embarked on the path prescribed by all women.

I carefully inquired that his name was Yang Yi and he was a high school student with excellent grades.

It was also this year that I started to discover my beauty secretly, and began to cry tears for Xi Murong’s poems: It is always in the morning after the fade that you will pass by before you will find that last night was outside your window. I used toWhat a beautiful and lonely flower I love and only I know how the bright moon you missed last night. When I found my beauty sadly and sadly, I thought of Yang Yi.

He didn’t know it was him, who started a long, bitter and sweet dream of a young girl and interfered her sleeping limbs with the door of youth Nirvana.

  However, since that day, I can never find him in reality.

I often stand in front of the crowded teaching building, and I have watched every corner of the campus almost desperately, without Yang Yi’s shadow.

  A whole year has passed.

Reopening is a sophomore year.

However, at the opening ceremony, only the light I could see suddenly awakened the absent-minded me, and the world instantly shrank into a stage in my eyes. I recognized that the student representative was Yang Yi!

It really is him, Qi Yuxuan Ang and gentle manner.

I didn’t know what I was doing at that moment, and I was always quiet and quiet. I stood up in the crowd’s eyes, until my companion Susu knocked me down.

  I returned to the dormitory as their laughingstock, “This little Nizi, I can’t see it!

“I was surprised and ignored their mockery. Does anyone know that I have longed for more than a year, my first pure secret thoughts in my life.

Now I know that he is still under the same blue sky close to me, and this will warm my lonely heart.

  One day, I was walking on the campus, and there was a boyfriend behind me. I turned around and Yang Yi came to me under their guidance.His warm eyes had grown serious and deep with the years. I looked at him boldly for the first time, but my eyes finally blurred.

  ”You are a sophomore?

Are you familiar with me

“I burst into tears.

He was clever, and his regretful and sad eyes quickly replaced surprise and confusion. He just wiped tears for me, but finally retracted.

I bowed my head and hurriedly walked away.

  After that I was pleasantly surprised to find that I would meet him often.

Whenever I see him walking in the sun, I will be at a loss in the gorgeous halo, and bow my head tremblingly, and he will greet me carefully and kindly, sometimes from afarRun to my side, just walk away just to smile with me.

  Susu often gives me classes: “Xer, you big fool, don’t fall too early. How do you know what love is now, when you go to college, the boys there are so good as the neon lights of the city .” But II just want to bathe my life in that deep warm eyes.

  A year and a half later, the day he finished his college entrance examination, I rushed from home to school, my eyes crossed the messy crowd, and he silently watched him walk out of the exam room with a smile, while he saw me and ran over, as in two yearsBe careful and innocent to me.

We walked silently on the streets in the dusk of July, and the mottled sun was like sadness I couldn’t explain.

He said, “Xueer, go home, I will write to you, study hard, study hard, huh?

“Another year’s flowers bloomed. After the college entrance examination, I said that the sky is worthy of someone who cares. I only know how to make people good. I can’t help but walk to a distant city, and Su Su and Yang Yi become alumni.

  On the National Day holiday, I want to leave for the university in the far-away S City where Yang Yi is located. My thoughts are as always, but with the faint changes of youth, I have an inexplicable desire to hope.

And Yang Yi came.

He said he was afraid it would be unsafe for me to find him.

I ran downstairs in a plain dress and he looked at me for a very short time. “Xer, you are grown up.

“I looked at his growing gaze with excitement.

Yang Yi, I can learn from my heart, but when can you see my heart clearly?

I want to say that, for my own sake, I don’t want to think that I am better than now, and, for you, in order to have a higher position in your heart, I pray to God to make me a thousand times more beautiful, intelligent, smart andrich.

  In the accident, nothing happened to us, maintaining the indifference that did not belong to our season.

He’s just passionately hiding from me.

Yang Yi, we are all grown up, right?

Well, I can wait, I can wait for you to discover, wait for you to say your love.

  After all, we are happy together.

His Guanghua used to guide me into the biology of youth, and now, his heart and ambition belonging to a man is enriching my heart little by little.

He has been telling me and trying to convince me that life has to be paid and pursued, because it requires a lot of giving up and pursuit, surpassing the selfishness of human beings . Three years is like a dream.

He will still come to me in my prayers during the holidays.

Sometimes looking at the distant rays of light in his eyes that I seem to understand, I think I would like us to go through this life lightly.

  Finally, one day, Susu called and it was a very calm voice. “Xueer, you know, Yang Yi responded to the school’s call and went to the Northwest, and left the day after tomorrow.

“My heart hurts so much. He’s going to the northwest for a few years, a lifetime?

Why didn’t you tell me?

The next day, I went to the distant S University for the first time. At that time, the lights were on. I kept thinking about it along the way. He told me many times and tried to convince me that life must be effective and pursued.
. Susu led me to a tavern, but Yang Yi was not there. His classmates said he had just returned.

An enthusiastic boy came out and asked me, “Are you Cher?

I’ll show you to Yang Yi, who is writing to you.

“You go in, this is the office of our student union.”

  I pushed open the door softly, Yang Yi, lean and melancholy, motionless like a sculpture, I held my breath and walked over to see his name written on the paper, he also cared about me!

I finally couldn’t help myself, and leaned down with heartache. He turned in amazement and helped me. That many years ago, we young met at first.

This time he didn’t hesitate, he restrained the zealous trembling urge, kissed me carefully, our tears together, time stopped flowing, let this moment become eternal, let the storm of past and future disappear, I growA long life only needs this moment . I know that he is silently showing me that Guanshan and the endless space-time barrier that belong to us will be tens of thousands of miles away.
The next day, I saw him carrying his bag and turning away. I rushed a few times to say, “I will go to you after graduation next year!
“But I didn’t promise anything after all.

  As I walked through this period of time, I was about to graduate, and I dared not think of where I would go.

Going home during the winter vacation, my mother was waiting for me in the winter afternoon. I got out of the car and saw my mother’s gray hair in the cold wind. My heart hurt.

Mom, how can I leave you to selfishly chase my happiness, I started boarding in middle school, and you always sent me to the road, when did I share your sorrow?

Do I want you to benefit my life?

  Summer inevitably comes.

I returned to my home county and contacted work.

Seeing the infinite comfort of the mother who loved me like life, my heart was full of happiness.

  I called and told Yang Yi that I could no longer go to the far northwest to find him and accompany him.

But I will wait for him in my hometown.

Wait for him to come back.

He was also pleasantly surprised that he would definitely return after three years.

Come back to me and marry me.

  So I started another three-year wait.

Two and a half years have passed now.
Happiness is at hand.

  However, I once again realized the absurdity of the sky.

Realize that there is something called fate that keeps us powerless.

  Just when I feel happiness is close at hand, when meeting together is close at hand, when Yang Yi is close at hand, I meet Susu.

She stayed in S City after graduation, and we haven’t seen it in two years.

She still looks pretty like an elf.

She knew that I was still waiting for Yang Yi. It had been more than two years, and her fierce anger was even more so than the objection when she was young.

  ”Xue Er, your mind is dead!

Three years, these three years are the most beautiful youth in your life!

You’re good and live like wood!

“.” The word “wood” was not the first to say this to me, and people often described my hard work in chat rooms.

  Su Su was indignant and left like a heavy heart.

  In the middle of the night, the hasty phone rang.

I thought it was Yang Yi, but it was Su Su’s voice.

  ”Xueer, I think, I want to tell you something.

“I’m surprised, she’s never been a messer.

I let her say it quickly.

  ”Xueer, first of all, I don’t know if I should say this, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong-anyway, me, I-”

You have something to say.

“Xueer, you must first promise me, first don’t hate me, second, don’t wrong yourself.

“Xue Er, it’s about Yang Yi.

In fact, you wait for him, your contribution, your belief, I think it is not worth it.

Maybe, I don’t know how he is now.
But in college, I knew it well.

At that time, I thought that you would definitely part ways after graduation, watching you always look happy, so I didn’t have the heart to tell you anything.
But I didn’t expect that you silly woman had been waiting for him-“” When college, Yang Yi had a girlfriend, no, it was two.

There was a test TOEFL abroad, so they broke up.

The other has lived with Yang Yi for two years outside the school.

The girl living with him may be Yang Yi, who was actively pursuing it, but the girl who went abroad was pursued by Yang Yi. They were in love at that time . “I listened blankly.

Everything is terrible.

My blood pressure shivered all over my body, making me unable to hold the microphone. I asked silently to this empty room, is this Yang Yi, is this the perfect Yang Yi in my heart?

Is the story that Su Su is breaking my heart word by word is about me!

  Reunion is only half a year away!

I am 16 years old, and now, I am about 26 years old, the love that has consumed my ten years of life!

I used to think of love as good as jade.

I thought about why Yang Yi never let me go to his school, and why he always came to me when he was in college, like a human who did not eat fireworks.

It turns out I’m not, far from being his only.

He is far from being like me, appointing him as my life, and predestined to be my only lover for life.

  ”Xer, are you okay?

You promised me, don’t hate me for telling you these things, but they are all facts. As a friend, I want to tell you the most real facts, and then you make the decision yourself.

Maybe that’s all over, maybe Yang Yi has played it, and now I only want you, because you are the most true to him . “” Xueer, are you okay?

Don’t scare me!

I heard your voice change, I’ll see you!

. “I stayed like a dead person and felt the impermanence of life. It only took a few minutes for Su Su’s phone to smash my heart and smash my life’s faith.

  A few days later, in a coma, I promised a colleague’s proposal.

Everything is like a dream.

But I still want to figure it out and ask for it.

I called Yang Yi.

  His voice was much thicker.

The sand in the northwest and the sunset outside the plug will become a sharp-edged man.

We are no longer young.

However, if it were not for that, my heart would never change.

  I tried to restrain myself and asked him calmly.

  He was silent, and then choked with a choke if I could forgive him.

He said that the only woman he missed was me.

He said that we have been together for three years.

He said happiness is close at hand.

He said that it would only take half a year to wait another six months . he didn’t know!

For a true love, I originally waited, and have waited alone for nearly ten years, I have no regrets for a lifetime, but!

If you love someone with your life and your life’s time as a bet, there is simply no grain of sand in your lover’s eyes.

  Putting down the phone, I tore up Yang Yi’s letter, shattered it, my years of hard-earned nostalgia, the man I loved in my life, it’s time to put down!

Tears kept falling on my trembling hands.

I know that the world is with me, and there will be no flying flowers and drizzle anymore, and I can only go through the earth’s already known road.
I had longed for and thought I had a real relationship, and now I only have regrets for life.

  How long can love last?
What I want to say is that if it is a true love, it does not matter the separation of time and space. Love always crosses thousands of mountains and rivers, travels through infinite time, and brings two hearts together.

However, there is hurtful love in one’s heart, and a fragile love, which is ultimately unable to support the faith of love, and will only let vague love drift in the wind, and no longer suffer from physical separation.