5 top tips to help you eat a healthy buffet

5 top tips to help you eat a healthy buffet

Introduction: There is a word circulating in the room, describing the state of most people eating buffet: “support the wall in, support the wall out”, I ca n’t wait to eat when I’m hungry, and come out after eating.

When many people eat self-serve, they will waste the thought of eating enough and eating back.

Some people even proposed a lot of classic slogans: “Open to build, strong to build”, “to help the wall to go in (hungry legs are weak), to help the wall out (to stand up to the waist).”

Some people have also proposed four realms of eating buffets: eat the first plate tentatively, order everything, like a scout, grab a few tongues to understand the enemy’s situation; eat the second plate in a focused way, which way you can come, like a leaderA wise and eccentric leader; the third set eats desperately, like an athlete who is about to sprint, full of gold medals in his head; the fourth set eats dying, struggling, like imperialism in classic books!

This phenomenon is more common in young people who eat a lot and have a good appetite.

At first it may seem to take advantage, but it will actually bring many hidden dangers to our body.

Sudden increase in excessive food intake will greatly increase our gastrointestinal burden, which may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, acute gastroenteritis, and pancreatitis; replacing an excessive diet will lead to excessive intake of salt, fat, and energy, which is not good for your health.
Moreover, the pursuit of ‘eat enough food’ and give up eating comfortably and healthily is an upside-down in itself.

Seafood needs to be adequate, but some consumers eat buffet, keeping an eye on the seafood area, low-priced vegetables and fruits are hardly seen.

Although seafood is delicious, the protein content is high, and the price is appropriately high. When eating too much, it is not good for the body.

First, excessive protein intake will bring a burden on high blood pressure. Second, after the increasing environmental pollution, heavy metal pollution is a common problem in seafood and fish. The United States has conducted a system survey of national citizens and found that ChineseThe mercury content in the body is three times higher than the standard. The reason is that the absorption of Chinese aquatic food penetrates.

Therefore, the proportion of seafood foods expected is too large, which is not conducive to food safety. Thirdly, seafood is a good “culture medium” for various microorganisms to easily breed and reproduce, and the food provided by the buffet is exposed to the air.When the temperature is not high, it is easy to be attacked by pathogenic bacteria, and the sashimi that many friends love is more prone to corruption and deterioration.

Therefore, seafood should be moderate.

Steaks, pork chops, bacon, chicken legs, chicken wings and other high-calorie foods have tasted a lot. Many friends like steak, pork chops, bacon, orleans grilled wings and other western foods very much, and they will absorb more.

And this food has the same characteristics: high content, high protein, high content, low vitamin and mineral content, difficult to digest after absorption, and long gastric emptying time.

If the proportion of a meal is too large, it is very bad for our gastrointestinal health and metastasis control.

Drink fewer sweet drinks and usually exceed the standard after buffet meals.

And if you are filled with a lot of sweet drinks before and after the meal, the energy of this meal will be worse.

Moreover, the sweet drinks provided by the buffet are mainly carbonated drinks or fruit juice drinks with very limited fruit content, and their nutritional value is much lower than consumers’ expectations.

Therefore, it is better to drink less sweet drinks other than freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Eat buffet, drink soup first. The types of soup provided by the buffet also overlap. If you choose to drink soup after meals, it will bring extra energy on the basis of saturated food absorption. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink soup first to replace our stomach warminga bit.

At the same time, it will help us control the amount of food absorbed and prevent it from eating.

Eat less high-sugar, high-fat staple foods, desserts Many people like to eat full, then order staple foods or desserts, such as fried rice, fried rice noodles, fried noodles, durian crisps and so on.

In fact, at this time, we have already taken too much food and conversion, and it is not appropriate to eat high conversion staple food.

If you have to eat a staple food, I suggest you choose a lighter staple food. If you can replace the staple food with steamed potatoes, it is even more ideal.

In short, buffet is a good way to eat and drink, but it is not easy to grasp and it is easy to eat problems.

It is recommended that you remind yourself when you eat buffet next time: Eat a variety of diets, drink soup before meals, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less seafood and meat, choose the right drinks and drinks, and coarse grains and potatoes!