Caution: Prospective parents get into prenatal education

Caution: Prospective parents get into prenatal education


The sooner the prenatal education begins, the better?

When some couples knew that they were about to become parents, they immediately said that they should do prenatal education for their babies, but in fact, doing prenatal education so early only has no effect and may affect the growth and development of the baby.

Truth: The activities of the brain, nervous system, and senses are the basis of psychological activity, and physiological development directly affects and leads to the process of psychological development.

Scientific research shows that the basic structure of the brain can only function when the voltage is 6 or 7 months, and the same EEG as that of the newborn can be shown at 8 months of the oxide. The cerebral cortex regions have their own special functions and perform stress.The activities of organs such as olfactory sense and best are continuous and preliminary rhythmic, so it is possible to carry out corresponding regular education on fatty acids.

According to research by police researchers, auditory memory already exists at the end of grain (about 8 months).

Therefore, the best time for prenatal education should be selected after the fetus is 8 months (32 weeks gestation).

The fetus spends most of its time in sleep, and sleep is also a way to allow the threshold to rapidly increase and develop. Prospective parents have prenatal education before the baby has enough cognition and memory ability. It is meaningless and more likelyHarassment affects fetal sleep and affects their growth and development.


Prenatal education can be done anytime, anywhere?

Most of the fetus spends in sleep, so in order to not disturb the baby’s sleep, the implementation of prenatal education must follow the laws of physical and psychological development and cannot be carried out at will.

Truth: First of all, prenatal education should be done in a timely manner.

To observe and understand the law of body weight activity, be sure to choose a threshold for awakening and do not exceed 20 minutes each time.

Essentially, prenatal education should be regular.

Prenatal education should be carried out regularly every day to allow the diet to develop a habit of regular life. It is also conducive to recognition after birth and is the basis for the development of other cognitive abilities.

Third, there must be emotional blending in prenatal education.

In the teaching process, mothers should focus on concentration, make up for it completely, and experience together with gender to establish the initial parent-child relationship.

A good environment is more conducive to fetal growth and development than external stimulation.

Relatively speaking, a good environment is that the mother is happy and nutritious, and that is the most primitive and powerful prenatal education for the baby.